Operation flow consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

    Every enterprise has a concept that elements of flexible organization, strong competitive power, persistent innovation are very important, and clients are the basis of an enterprise. However, many large-scale enterprises still have low efficiency, no innovation and ignored the clients’ demands. In fact, the problem is how those enterprises operate. That is the answer.

    Rational organizational structure is important, but the effective process and its successful operation are more important.

    Ten times principle: The time spent on completing a process is decuple the time needed.

     For clients, many flow nodes are “actual moments”. We must avoid that those moments leave boring impression or bad impression on clients.

     We should distinguish the concepts of function and flow. Function is a static concept that describes what the department is doing. Flow is a dynamic concept that describes how the department is doing, and focuses on the target. In century 21, more constant competitive edge will come from new flow technology, not new product technology

  2.Haistand service

    Only the enterprise that has strong operation power and high performance flow system can adapt to the changes in the external environment.
BPR/ARIS Identification, optimization, informatization of Key flows & make experiments
ECR/QR logistics flow optimization
Operation management 6 sigma and quality management
Establishment and improvement of flow management regulation imformatization pattern selection & implementation consultation

  3.Case analysis

   Consultation on a certain automotive enterprise flow optimization

Client’s key problems:
·Slow market response
·The flows don’t have integrity.
·Lack effective examination system and rational standards, and results don’t match bonus.
·Management system is not definite.
·Transparency and consistency of statistic is not good.

Haistand solutions:
Step 1
Survey and diagnosis of the whole process, and confirm the core problems
  We carry out the survey of the whole process management, and confirm 5 problems after contacting with middle and senior managers, clients and competitors for two weeks. We implement many kinds of survey methods of interviews, symposiums, telephone interviews, questionnaire surveys and so on.

Step 2: Bring forward core flow optimization planning after detailed analysis.
  We optimize the core process according to “Haistand process optimization method”, and find out six problems of the flow management. We offer seven core operation optimization planning and two human resource encouragement management planning.

Step 3: Implementation and planning
  We make different targets and plans according to the different phases. The short term target is to implement methods that have quick effects; the middle term target is to prepare for the basic change of systems; the long term target is to become the famous automotive enterprise in China .

Step 4: Popularization

  We carry out core process optimization planning in experimental department. We explain the planning in detail and solve various problems happened in the operation during the serial activities. Every testing index has exceeded the expected value after implementation for three months. Haistand has been high appraised by the client, and become the long-term process management consultant of the enterprise.




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