Enterprise business school-------enterprises establish their own business schools
According to the investigation of Haistand Consulting, the number of American enterprises’ business schools has been increased from 400 to 1600, and over 2000 by 2003. About 70% of 500 powers of globe fortune have established their own business schools. According to this trend, the number of this kind of schools will exceed that of traditional schools, and become the mainstream of adult career education and life education in the future. A lot of famous foreign enterprises such as MOTO, HP, Ericsson, Siemens have established business schools, which have been highly appraised.
In our country, many enterprises have show more and more passion to set up their own schools, and some enterprises have established their own colleges and institutes. For example, Hair college, Chunlan school, Sichuan New Hope enterprise’s commerce college, Yili group commerce college, Jindie college and so on.
The significance of those enterprise colleges is that enterprises have paid great attention to culture and knowledge, and want to keep talents. It means that enterprises’ focus has been changed from production and service management to person.
The competition in the new century is not the competition of market and fund, but the competition of human capital. Information economy needs learning style enterprises. Establishing enterprise business school is the only way to become learning style enterprises.
Supported by Schools of Economics and Management of Standford University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fudan University and Tongji University, Haistand Consulting has set up Enterprise business school to provide incremental knowledge share and training service. At the same time, Haistand Consulting has provided shared services form establishing business school, and set up courses of operation management for several private enterprises.

Training------- Provide constant impetus for enterprises
   Education and training service is the core component of enterprise business school. The goal of Haistand Consulting Management Training department is to become the share service centre and the most valuable third part training institute of Chinese enterprise business school.
Our management training department will provide characteristic service and training courses to help enterprises and individuals to increase their knowledge and improve their skills. The final aim is to improve their work performance. We assort training resource with scientific system, and guarantee quality through implementation and tracking project by professional team. From now on, Haistand Consulting Management Training department has more than 200 courseware and near 50 seasoned lecturers, and have offered senior training for hundreds of enterprises.
We believe that the genuine value of training could be embodied by qualified lecturers, appropriate training courses and scientific training flow. In order to improve the value of training, Haistand Consulting has created “consulting training” to promote “Know-what” to “Know-how”.
Haistand Consulting has been invested in establishing share service centre, and our clients can use the long-distance follow-up services in the future.

Our characteristic------Consulting Training
  1.Training concept
  Set up appropriate training project and training content.
  Share resource, knowledge, experiences and case base of Haistand Consulting.
  Once accept our training courses, our clients can use the long-distance follow-up services later.
2.Consulting training
  Diagnose and analyze popular bottle-neck problem that restrict the development of enterprises by using various consultation tools.
  Design solutions systematically after diagnosing those problems.
  Set up training team which is mainly made up of project managers of Haistand Consulting
  Pay more attention on practicability, operability and instructiveness of our training courses.
  Communicate with enterprises before setting down proper training plan
  Educate interactively in principle of explaining concepts, teaching methods and initiating technologies.
  Keep close touch with students by training evaluation and demand survey in order to supply knight service constantly.
  First-hand investigation of spot operation of excellent enterprises which are connected by Haistand Consulting.
  4.Training teachers
  Haistand Consulting has its own professional lecturers
  Haistand Consulting has gathered managers with excellent training technology and rich training experience in business community
  Senior scholars from famous universities also participate in our cources

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