Our company has gained rapid development through all staff’s arduous struggle. Our management consultation operation has made historic breakthrough in 2004. We will do whatever we can to become the most trustful and authoritative automotive marketing consulting company. At the same time, we have gained great achievement in the fields of real estate and exhibition, and have been highly appraised in this field.
    In 2004, We carry out a new attempt. We cooperate with Shanghai Bopai exhibition Co., Ltd and England Blenheim exhibition Co., Ltd to plan and hold the large exhibition-Top Marques Exhibition
at the same time, we joint with Tongji university MBA education   management center and Shanghai Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment to hold brand management courses with the name ofmarketing communication tools: practice in China which has gained good effect and obtained high comments in this circle.
   Some consultation projects:
   Automotive marketing consultation:
1.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd "gather fortune"bonus reward planning
2.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd marketing network evaluation system designing.
3.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd dealer’s capability improvement plan and dealer training plan.
4.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd abroad study tour planning and implementation with the name of “walking around the world”.(stage Ⅲ)
5.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd core competitiveness improvement project consultation. 6.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd bonus-return system optimizing consultation for dealers. 7.Shanghai Yongda group development strategic consultation.
8.Design project operation plan, internal operation management booklet, dealers operation management booklet for Shanghai automotive industrial sale head office and SsangYong of Korea general agent.
9.Modern automotive dealers operation management booklet.
10.Chinese automotive recall system and countermeasure research project.(Shanghai automotive group)

   Marketing research & planning:
11.Shanghai Expo operation management mechanism research in 2010, China
12.Shanghai exhibition talent requirement expectation and countermeasure research
13.Chinese motorcycle & automotive third part logistics marketing research analysis
14.Shanghai Xinhe realty management Co., Ltd corporate culture planning & consultation project
15."Shanghai Mayor Project"-------Middle and low price apartment rental service marketing research
16.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd dealers advertisement education encouragement plan & countrywide dealers marketing research and consultation project
17.Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd "Salesperson Club" integral encouragement plan & countrywide salesperson demanding marketing research and consultation project
18.Chinese automotive corporation brand marketing capability research report
19.Marketing research on promoting Chinese automotive dealers’ selling & service capability
20.Smile hands-cleaning lotion marketing plan consultation
  Real estates planning & consultation:
21.Sichuan Aba Qinghai-Tibet Platean yak economic garden construction project feasibility research and all-process planning
22.Chinese motorcycle & automotive third part logistics marketing research analysis
23.Kaiquan pumping industry Co., Ltd CI design
24.Zhejiang Zhoushan Putuo district Lujiashi Island development plan
25.Feasibilty research and consultation on modification of Changning district Street 39 project
26.Feasibilty research and consultation on Mingyuan building construction
27.Feasibilty research and consultation on Pengpu New Village Street 351,358
28.Feasibilty research and consultation on Pudong new district E shan Road block


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Marketing Research 
Investment Research
Information Tech.

December 2004, Haistand Consulting offered Gather Fortune bonus reward plan for Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd.… new

The report of the primary research findings of Pudong meeting & exhibition and overall arrangement planning, which is in charged by Haistand Consulting general manager, has been highly appraised by leaders of economic and trade department of Shanghai Pudong new area.… new

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