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●Many problems will happen when enterprises have grown up to a certain scale. Among those problems, there is a relatively important one-----choke point, which sounds simple. In fact, many enterprisers have ignored this problem. They always want to solve all problems at one time, which will bring confusion in operation unavoidably.

●Management problems of the enterprises usually are the embodiments of “systematic” problems in sectors. That is not an independent problem, but an integration of many problems. The importance of those problems is different; some basic problems need to be solved by many people through arduous struggles for a long time.

●Work-divided inside the company usually influences the validity of operations of many functional management. Problems in dividing work will lead to irrational resource allocation, which will let senior managers lose their corresponding power. The power of middle and senior managers are the precondition of forming inner “rank chain”. Pyramidal “rank chain” is one of the most efficient management structures.

●In an irregular enterprise, many managers are not engaged in real management, but concrete operations. This phenomenon may be stemmed from the misunderstanding of the essence of management, or the viewpoints of supreme managers such as “full load”, which means that all staff should be in the very busy situation. The final result is that the organizational framework hasn’t formed a real “rank chain”.

●When we carry out personnel policy, most of us will suppose that we have such great power that our staff will accept our arrangement without conditions. However, comprehensive competitive edge is the precondition of effective operation of all managerial systems. The contentment of staff, competition in the personnel-recruiting market, the attraction of salary and the rationality of work-divided will have great influence in the behaviors of staff. If we ignore this point, our personnel policy will be of no effect, even go to the other extreme.

●The interior and exterior management of the enterprise are connected with each other closely. We should consider those problems overall. For example, some salesperson can’t sell goods well, maybe the real responsibility is not due to their sales techniques, but insufficiency of devotion in marketing, or irrational salary distribution, or lack of strategic thinking, or deficiency in communication mechanism of staff and so on. Those reasons will make salespersons become “scapegoat” of mechanism deficiency.

●Senior managers always have good technical background, so they will bring “technical thinking” to management unavoidably. For example, they regard that management work must be accurate, which will lead to absolutization of working. At the same time, they are bothered by unavailable “accurate result”. That is the result of lacking correct understanding of the word---“soft” in the sentence---“management is soft science”.

●Exterior consultation is “outsourcing” of enterprise management work. It’s not only in virtue of “exterior brain”, but also an inevitable choice for an enterprise to realize economy of scale, which assists society to optimize resource allocation and get a good cost effectiveness. Senior managers will take good attitude toward “outsourcing” if they realize this point. Exterior consultation can make enterprises “expend less money to complete more work, and the result will be better”.

●“Respect capable persons” in many enterprises is just a slogan. How the ingoing capable persons merge into irregular enterprise is a problem for managers. On one hand, enterprises need talents, on the other hand, the managers need to keep the stability of the organizations. At the same time, capable persons may be assimilated, or have to leave the enterprise for unable of merging into the current team. The facts mentioned above have told us that ingoing capable persons either bring inverse influence to the enterprise, or can’t develop their capability. That is another important reason that this kind of enterprises needs the help of exterior consultation.





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