Our core businesses are divided into six parts:

1.Offer all-round Automotive Marketing Management solutions for automotive manufacturers as well as dealers domestically and abroad.

2.Offer comprehensive and integrated enterprise management consultation service supported by informatization for state-owned enterprises and middle- and small-scaled private companies .

3.Offer all-round market consultation for foreign enterprises preparing for entering Chinese market as well as design CI for enterprises in our country.

4.Offer development, implementation and consultation of software for enterprise informatization and education management informatization.

5.Feasibility research & prophase planning of projects, as well as real estate consultation and planning.

6.Offer exhibition planning service. TOP Marques )

Integrated diagnosis: Offer services for enterprises such as economic effectiveness analysis, strategic environmental planning, resource evaluation, management strategy and so on.

Strategic development: Offer services for enterprises such as strategy orientation analysis, Decision Support System, enterprise strategic planning, core competitive power analysis.

Project consultation:Feasibility research and prophase planning of projects, real estate consultation and planning, overall process management and construction cost consultation of projects.

MarketingFor automotive enterprises, we offer accurate orientation, set down marketing strategy, design marketing system, supervise channel of logistics and client relations.

Operation managementOffer services for enterprises such as resources allocation, optimizing and reorganizing processes, supply chain management, setting down production plans, stock controlling.

Enterprise informatizationOffer services such as feasibility analysis, informatization strategy, network establishment,ERP, MIS and so onas well as development, implementation and consultation of education management information systems.

Human resourceOffer services for enterprises such as human resource strategy, performance evaluation, salary system, manpower training.

FinanceOffer services for enterprises such as cost control, enterprises financing, internal auditing, analysis and budget, risk controlling, asset allocation.



Management Consulting
Marketing Research 
Investment Research
Information Tech.

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