Automotive Marketing Consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

Offer the most appropriate service for our clients, and become the best consultant in their minds.

Automotive is the mobile living space, and experience service selling is the important automotive marketing mean.

Currently, there are some new methods in automotive marketing, but the number of innovations is not enough. However, sometimes the executive force of new methods is not enough, many effects are lost. In addition, Chinese market is very large, and the service demands of clients are increasing gradually. Not every enterprise is aware of this point. Many enterprises’ production service standards in the nationwide are the same, and they haven’t carried out differentiable services according to the local situations, which all are slow reactions to the market.

Improving competitive power has become the critical factor that decides automotive dealers to survive, develop and become stronger during automotive retailing war in the future.

As Chinese automotive industry develop, Chinese automotive dealers become stronger, and some large-scale dealers have developed towards multi-brand, extending, collectivization. Enterprises have encounter choke point of strategy choosing of developing further and development model. Haistand Consulting has carried out track & survey and in-depth analysis for some large-scale automotive dealers, and offered triangle theory of large-scale automotive dealers’ development model, includingdevelopment theory of combining service model based on automotive market, fund operation way and brand development.

Loyal clients are the largest value creator in the profit chain of enterprise service. The value brought by those clients and their proportion will decide the competitive edge of an enterprise.

The marketing consultant should be trained to gain excellent quality. The investment of staff is the strategic investment in the future development of the enterprise. Therefore, the dealer should have a concept that staff needs to be trained constantly.

  2.Haistand Service

    After going too fast for several years, the development of Chinese automotive industry has been hold on in the next half of 2004. As the competition become fiercer, every automotive dealer should pay more attention to problems that how Chinese automotive manufacturers, salespersons and dealers develop in the automotive market, and how to create new marketing tools to attract consumers and realize marketing plan. Supported by experiences of working in automotive marketing field for many years, Haistand has created large market value for many automotive enterprises(Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd, Shanghai GE Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Modern Automotive enterprise, Shanghai Yongda Automotive Corporation) by offering an overall automotive marketing solution.……

·Rich work experience : based on practical experience in automotive market for many years and all-round knowledge accumulation.

·Sensitive market feeling: based on long-term foresight of automotive industry and practical experience for many years

·Strong executive force: based on promises for our clients and practical experience of implementing plans for many years

Analysis of automotive management environment and competition

Automotive marketing network development planning

Set down business policies

Evaluation and improvement of core competition

Automotive enterprise development strategy

Operation combination optimization

Set down automotive dealer management booklet Set down service core process Consulting on improving ability to sell

Evaluation of dealers’ core competitive power

Evaluation of clients’ contentment

Five-year operation planning

  3.Case analysis

   Consultation of improving the selling ability of a certain automotive dealer

   Haistand Consulting has analyzed the chance and challenge of the automotive corporation, and make an overall survey of its 40 dealers, then Haistand has offered 28 schemes to improve its selling ability. At the same time, Haistand has made good preparation for them to make great achievement by offering a feasible plan to improve their selling ability.


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December 2004, Haistand Consulting offered Gather Fortune bonus reward plan for Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd.… new

The report of the primary research findings of Pudong meeting & exhibition and overall arrangement planning, which is in charged by Haistand Consulting general manager, has been highly appraised by leaders of economic and trade department of Shanghai Pudong new area.… new

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