Brand marketing consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

If the brand is unique in the market, the enterprise will win.

Excellent enterprises satisfy needs, but great enterprises create needs.

Brand identification is the guide line of all marketing activities. Use uniform brand identification to lead all marketing activities.

The essence of integrated marketing spread is “simple and uniform”. One sentence spoken for 100 times is more effective than 100 different sentences.

The essence of marketing is to forget marketing and create emotion.

Marketing is not selling products, but buying the heart of customer. Therefore, every connection with clients is the chance to establish brand. We should create memorable feelings for our clients by using service as stage and using product as tools. That is the basic spirit of Kellogg’s “all round client experience”.

There is only weak thinking, and there is no weak market.

A brand cannot be appraised as good, even though famous, if its product is unsatisfactory. Brand marketing will never be perfect without high performance management system.

The fame is more important than the quality in China.

Haistand will cherish client’s brand as if it is our own brand, we never give away the future of the brand for the current benefit.

  2.Haistand Service

    Market Segmentation has become more specific with more competitors’ appearance, as well as the expectation of consumers for product and service quality is increasing. Only the enterprise that has good brand, high performance distributing channel and high clients’ satisfaction can win at last.
      Supported by profound consulting technology and experience of strategy, organization and operation, Kellogg can offer excellent marketing counseling.


·Broad visual angle : offer all round brand management service from the view of the enterprise strategy and the whole operation.

·Profound perspective: based on long-term perspective of the industry

·Excellent operation: focus on selling control and distribution efficiency

Design perfect marketing strategy and strategy combination Design brand strategy and multi-brand strategy
Set down all round client experience strategy Design customer relationship management system
Offer short-term planning of improving selling achievement Establish multi-channel distribution system and organizational structure
Optimize logistics and distribution process, and reorganize marketing system Establish marketing information feedback and control system

  3.Case analysis

   Brand strategy consultation of a certain enterprise

   Our client is a Chinese software enterprise. In 16 years, it has become NO.1 in Chinese market from a regional enterprise. Now, the enterprise has put forward international strategy, and tried to become a worldwide company.


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