Human resource consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

We should know the difference targets of the following three managements: the aim of personnel files management is to increase the efficiency of managing personnel files; the aim of human resource management is to give staff work suited to his abilities; the aim of human capital management is to set up competitive edge.

The aim of performance management is to improve the performance of enterprise and capability of individual. The key of implementation is communication.

The basic aim of performance analysis is distinguish responsibility and right.

Salary system should solve the problems about interior justice and exterior competition.

Enterprise should pay attention to human resource planning, and take strategy planning, finance budget and human resource planning as whole.

When selecting a person for a job, the enterprise should pay attention to the weak plasticity quality; when training a person, the enterprise should pay attention to the strong plasticity quality.

Encouragement system is the art of enterprise.

  2.Haistand service

   The core of human resource management is “one centre, four steps”. One centre is job function & capability requirement. Four steps are choosing proper persons at first, then training them, giving them work suited to their abilities, encouraging them to create the most value at last.

Human resource planning Job duty analysis
Set up position capability model Staff selection and allocation
Set up training system

Set up Balanced Scorecard index system

Design performance management system

Design salary encouragement system

  3.Case analysis    

Consultation of human resource management of a certain automotive group

The key problems of the enterprise:
· Performance management system is formalistic.
· Salary system doesn’t embody the position’s value, and benefits are not allocated to staff according to their work.
· The capabilities of staff are different

· The cultivation ways of staff are too few, and the enterprise lacks of interior experts.
· The enterprise can’t select the superior and eliminate the inferior.

Haistand solutions:
Step 1: Overall management survey
 We carry out overall management survey in three directions:first, we interview more than 100 people including middle and senior managers and staff to find out their attitudes towards the current situation of enterprise and human resource management. Second, we implement questionnaire survey. Third, we hold symposium with senior managers to discuss the reasons behind the phenomena

Step 2: Put forward improvement suggestions after completing diagnosis report.
  First, we optimize department duty and job duty on the basis of current organization structure
  Second, we design salary system on the result of job evaluation.

  Third, we improve performance management system and strengthen the connection with salary.

Step 3: Work analysis and job evaluation
 We perform “Haistand job evaluation model” training on client members, then hold job evaluation spot guide meeting to evaluate all jobs. Finally, we get the company’s job rank order.

Step 4: Salary system based on 3P model
   On the basis of survey, we design salary system from four directions: First, we change the base of salary system from job and longevity to 3P model (job value, performance, individual character). Second, we confirm the different salary strategy comparing with homogeneous enterprises in the country. Third, we confirm the salary level of different job according to the former salary system. Last, we design the joint which connects to performance management system, and improve relative salary management system.  

Step 5: Design BSC performance management system
    We design KPI & capability standards of the enterprise, its departments and jobs by using Haistand BSC operation methodology.

Step 6: Implementation
    We offer regular research and training service for clients project team.
Finally, we examine the effect every month in the next half of the year, and offer solutions if they meet new problems.


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