Management accounting consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

Management accounting has been performed not only in the enterprise interior to improve operation efficiency, but also in the outside market and competitors to seek competitive edge.

Overall budget management can realize the enterprise target by succession of “mission”, “strategy”, “tactics”.

Strategic benefit is true fortune, but accounting profit is just fortune on paper.

The income of one dollar doesn’t mean fortune, but diminution of one dollar cost is profit.

Cost avoidance, comparing with cost reduction is the lowest cost management method.

Interior control system must have persistent monitoring ability.

  2.Haistand service

   Haistand Consulting is professional management accounting consulting firm. We have excellent consultation ability in performance management, overall budget, profit promotion, cost management, value management and so on.
     Management accounting system is very important in the processes of enterprise management decision-making and management control.

Overall budget management Cost reduction and cost management system
Short-term profit Improving plan Performance evaluation and management system of subsidiary companies
Strategic profit and value management Interior control

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