Development strategy consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

Enterprise growth depends on its ambition, which depends on core elements such as its mission, perspective, values and development strategy

An enterprise without strategy is just like a boat without compass.

If you consider strategy orientation, you should know that: “Who compete with you?” If you have strategy, your answer will be “There is no competitor”, for you are the unique one in your field.

“Add & minus” is our strategy thinking. The meaning of “add” is that creating new industry as soon as catching the chance; the meaning of “minus” is that giving up the weakest operation after rational analysis, and focusing on the most promising operation. Development strategy must be unique in the industry.

If an enterprise hasn’t cashcow operation, it will lack cash resource; if an enterprise hasn’t star operation, it will have no future.

In the future strategy, an enterprise’s development not depends on resource that you own, but resource that you can use.

To any enterprise, the optimal strategy is the strategy that can be implemented. If the strategy is wrong, any excellent tactic is meaningless.

  2.Haistand Service

    As Chinese economy develop fast, the constant injection of globe fund and the unceasing appearance of industry challenges, China face historic chance. However, every enterpriser must consider the survival problems that how to choose development strategy and operation model according to its own character in the changeable market.
      Supported by experiences of profound market analysis, resource combination and strategy design, Haistand could offer excellent strategy consultancy. ……


·Rich work experience: based on practical experience in automotive market for many years and all-round knowledge accumulation.

·Sensitive market feeling: based on long-term foresight of automotive industry and practical experience for many years

·Strong executive force: based on promises for our clients and practical experience of implementing plans for many years

Analysis of operation environment and competition

Evaluation of investment project

Industry combination model design

Evaluation and improvement of competency

Enterprise development strategy

Operation combination optimization

Setting down unit operation competition strategy

Payoff model design

Five-year operation planning

  3.Case analysis

   Consultation of a certain large-scale automotive dealer development strategy

   Haistand Consulting has analyzed the chance and challenge of the automotive corporation, and offered feasible 10 year development strategy by strict market survey and management diagnose.
     Haistand has not only pointed out the development direction of this corporation, but also helped it implement the strategy. Now this corporation’s market share has increased from 20% to near 30% according to Haistand’s two-year tracking and information feedback.



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Marketing Research 
Investment Research
Information Tech.

December 2004, Haistand Consulting offered Gather Fortune bonus reward plan for Shanghai VOLKSWAGEN Co.,Ltd.… new

The report of the primary research findings of Pudong meeting & exhibition and overall arrangement planning, which is in charged by Haistand Consulting general manager, has been highly appraised by leaders of economic and trade department of Shanghai Pudong new area.… new

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