Real estate planning consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint
Real estate industry should combine with planning industry.

Architecture products planning the core of real estate development.

For real estate developer, the product is important, but the corresponding service is more important. The whole planning should start from client analysis, which can minimize the risk.

Real estate planner should have six functions as doctor, counselor, finance expert, director, captain, environment expert.

There is culture behind the brand--more culture, more benefit.

Planning is most important in the project.

  2.Haistand service

·Rich work experiencebased on practical experience in automotive market for many years and all-round knowledge accumulation.

·Sensitive market feeling:based on long-term foresight of automotive industry and practical experience for many years.

·Strong executive force:based on promises for our clients and practical experience of implementing plans for many years.


Analysis of real estate management environment and competition

Research on project feasibility

Integrated marketing planning of real estate

Real estate brand planning

Real estate overall marketing planning

Island tourism project planning

Economic park construction feasibility research Economic park overall planning City tourism development planning

  3.Case analysis

   Overall marketing planning of a certain island development

     Haistand Consulting carry out overall survey and analysis of the island according to its geographic character and political character.
    Step 1: Prophase communication, survey and analysis in detail
    Step 2:
We should carry out the operation in six directions:

     1Consider the orientation function

2Consider the connection function of new industry

        3Consider the connection function of special culture

4Consider the eco-function of real estate development

5Consider development function of international operation

6Consider linkage function of Yangtze river Triangle

Step 3: Identify function orientation

Step 4: Identify target clients

Step 5: Set down detailed development schedule

Step 6: Set down detailed marketing and biding planning

Step 7: Analysis of investment economic feasibility

Step 8: Overall tracking




Management Consulting
Marketing Research 
Investment Research
Information Tech.

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