CI consultation

  1.Haistand viewpoint

Image of enterprise is productivity.

The enterprise image includes not only the integrated brand image of the enterprise, but also the temperament of staff.

CI should endow the enterprise character. Then we design outer image and behavior of the enterprise according to this character---------This is the principle of enterprise personification.

Convey the enterprise’s management concept and spiritual culture to the surrounding people and group by using integral convey system, and let them have the same values as the enterprise.

CIS should adapt to viewpoint with “Chinese character”, and combine with theoretical basic of  “discriminated planning”. We put forward “hierarchical division of enterprise behavior”, “continuable development strategy of microeconomic”, “enterprise three-dimensional dynamic image management” and “Haistand model” management system.

  2.Haistand service

·Rich work experience: based on practical experience in automotive market for many years and all-round knowledge accumulation.

·Sensitive market feeling: based on long-term foresight of automotive industry and practical experience for many years

·Strong executive force: based on promises for our clients and practical experience of implementing plans for many years

Induct enterprise CIS system

Improve enterprise image

Diagnose enterprise image

  3.Case analysis

   Induction of a certain enterprise’s image

    Haistand Consulting has designed CI for a certain enterprise. Based on sufficient survey of the enterprise and communication with senior managers, we design a integrated CI system according to the character of the enterprise management, culture and staff. The CI system has been high appraised by our client.





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